About Me

My name is Kyle Baynot. For most of my life, I didn't have a sense of a direction let alone a passion except for the every-day-go-to-school-or-work. Nearing the end of high school there was a glimpse of a passion for engineering that lasted for two years. However it wasn't until I was 20 and finishing the 3rd semester of college did I finally find out where my passion lies: Digital Art and Animation....

This brand new field started from "interesting" to "phenomenal" the more I explored its depths. I never knew there was a world through a screen that can be created and manipulated from our hands, besides drawing and painting. For years I would occasionally practice different elements from certain applications. However I was never completely serious and dedicated much time to learning more about digital art and animation. This lead to on-and-off training periods throughout the years.

But this non-consistent period changed come early 2016 when I restarted this passion for digital art. During this time I would explore different elements while experiencing familiar ones. All the more interesting and desirable this field became and my passion grew. Although my understanding for digital art grew and it became more fluent, something was missing. I wondered what this piece was and took the time to ponder. And then it came to me: trying to find a link between the real world and the digital world. How fascinating it would be to find and understand every aspect, element and technique used to create different representations of what is seen in the real world and bring this knowledge to light for people whose professional isn't involved in digital art, but are curious about this field.

Although some people have enjoyed and loved the art I have posted through different sites, there is much to learn and perfect before I can preform great art. But throughout this time, I would love to share my experiences with you all and to see what links the digital world to the real world.